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Sample Task

To find the draft of the yacht

We know that the yacht is 45 feet long but, in order to safely take the boat out, it is necessary to know the depth of it, in order that we do not run aground.

Equipment Used
Pencil, Paper & ScissorsDeck Broom
Life JacketsFishing Line & Weight
Bosuns ChairAll Deck Equipment
Spinnaker PoleDepth Gauge


Time 30 mins

At the time the depth is calculated, all crew must be aboard (as extra weight makes for a deeper boat).

No person may be totally submersed in the water at any time


Problem solving

Trainer notes(not given to participants)
This task can be made more or less complicated to suit a particular group
To solve the problem there is no need for any person to enter the water
A depth gauge indicates the depth of the water and not the draft (depth) of the boat!