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Management Training

The outdoors has been used effectively for many years as a medium for management training. Using yachts in this role provides an exciting and stimulating variation on the outdoor management development theme as, in many ways; the environment is a very real analogy of the workplace.

The yachting environment allows participants the chance to experiment with personal styles of for example, leadership and team role. It provides opportunities to accept personal challenges and face situations of perceived risk which require co-operation, trust of, and support from others.

It is the Teambuilding potential of sailing, highlighted by televised, high performance racing teams which attracts many organisations. Carefully used, this environment can provide real benefits, but is not a panacea for all!

Our courses provide the opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge and skills in a supportive environment encouraging positive attitude to learning and development, benefiting both your organisation and the individual.

Programme development Each program is designed to a client’s specific requirement and may involve anything from the delivery of one short course, to an extended, more complex program.

The following stages are our suggested way of progressing a project but not all are necessarily appropriate. Throughout the process our flexibility is assured.

Your initial enquiry will receive a prompt and appropriate response, normally within one working day.

Briefing meeting Once we have gathered initial information relevant to your initial enquiry, we are happy to meet In-person, at your convenience and location, and at no cost to you. It is often important that we meet ‘stakeholders’ and get an insight into the organisation and the working environment of the client group.

Course design We offer a full design service assisting/enabling you to utilise the outdoors effectively.

Identifying training needs You may already have a clear idea of what you require from us? By us understanding your organisation, the business units concerned and participants needs, we are better able to suggest course structure and content.

Course design Can compliment your existing management development programme and focus on a range of competencies including, but not limited to;- leadership; team effectiveness; learning to learn; self-awareness; communication; motivation and change orientation. BUT, Why use yachts at all?

A wide range of facilities are available, from which we would select those suited to your particular requirements. This allows course flexibility at a competitive price.

Tasks are designed/selected to focus on your learning objectives. On each course a theoretical foundation can be provided if required, or your own can be incorporated using your trainers if appropriate.

Programme implementation Reviews help participants assess their own performance, highlight issues and relate them to their workplace. Personal Action Plans are utilised when appropriate, aiding effective transfer of learning.

Evaluation of a programme reinforces course learning, and vitally, provides evidence of the organisations return on investment. It is also used as a basis for course improvement, ensuring that we maintain our ability to meet your developing needs.