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Own Boat Sailing Tuition

Own boat sailing tuition makes best use of your time. It ensures you have the undivided attention of the Instructor and doesn’t have the pressure of being on a standard sailing course. Training is tailored to suit your own pace and in your own way, while covering topics of your choice.

You may prefer to learn in a low-key way as the rest of your crew enjoy the cruise.  Alternatively, perhaps you would like an intensive ‘module’ on a particular aspect of sailing, for example sail trim, blind navigation or close quarters sailing

We charge a daily rate for formal yacht training instruction. It is then up to you who else you wish to have aboard.

Please note that the yacht must be seaworthy and with sufficient equipment aboard to allow any sailing tuition to be safely conducted. The level of equipment aboard will depend upon the cruising area. If in any doubt, please call us.

Minimum safety requirements are outlined in the RYA C8 Boat Safety handbook.