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Competency Framework

The following competency framework provides a basic outline for theory modules upon which programmes can be based. Other issues may be incorporated subject to your requirements.

Director Role1. Taking initiative
2. Goal setting
3. Delegating effectively
Producer Role1. Personal productivity and motivation
2. Motivating others
3. Time and stress management
Coordinator Role1. Planning
2. Organising and designing
3. Controlling
Monitor Role1. Reducing information overload
2. Analysing information with critical thinking
3. Presenting information; writing effectively
Mentor Role1. Understanding yourself and others
2. Interpersonal communication
3. Developing subordinates
Facilitator Role1. Team building
2. Participative decision making
3. Conflict management
Innovator Role1. Living with change
2. Creative thinking
3. Managing change
Broker Role1. Building and maintaining a power base
2. Negotiating agreement and commitment
3. Presenting ideas