Corporate Sailing Events

At Fairlead Sailing, we offer fun and exciting corporate sailing days and have been designing successful sailing events for clients since 1996, both on the East and South coast UK.

Our corporate sailing events range from a relaxed social team building day on the water, through to a senior management development programme.  There are many advantages for using corporate sailing days for your business.

At Fairlead, we combine personable skippers, local amenities and first-rate yachts.  This enables us to provide tailored corporate hospitality sailing events to satisfy a wide range of customers. Whether you want to celebrate with clients, motivate or reward your staff, our corporate sailing days can provide the solution.

The Options are (almost) endless but can include:

  • Team building sailing event with underpinning theory and feedback to teams
  • Informal racing between crews
  • Racing in local (or not so local) regatta
  • The infamous treasure hunt, incorporating some ‘additional’ sailing tasks
  • Overnight stay utilising some ashore accommodation
  • Anchoring in nature reserve for picnics and a swim or dining ashore
  • Use powerboats and fast RIBS for an added dimension
  • Coastal cruising for a relaxing day’s sailing

On our corporate sailing days, guests can participate as much or as little as they wish. Choose to sit back and watch the world go by or participate fully in the operation of the yacht. The choice is theirs. We encourage participation but, as with all our charter events, they are tailored to suit the client requirements.

Whether you have 2 or 55 guests, our approach is to be versatile and think laterally. We aim to use the environment and the adjacent resources to enable a range of facilities to be utilised when putting together a proposal for you. Here’s just a few suggestions how you can you sailing days for your business:-

Client Entertainment

As a ‘captive audience’ on the yacht, it is a great opportunity to chat with a number of clients in a relaxed and informal setting not possible on the golf course or at a rugby match! Add quality food and drink to an exciting sail, and you will provide a memorable sailing event for your clients which will be remarked on favourably for months, back in their workplace and in subsequent business dealings.

Employee Motivation and Reward

The sailing environment provides an exciting reward for high performing teams or individuals. There can also be real company benefits derived from such an event. Such a demonstration of commitment by a company can be motivational whilst also promoting employee networking and helping informal team development. Consider using yachts as a ‘break-out’ session from a corporate conference or product launch.

Team Building Events

The corporate sailing market covers a broad range of events. These include teambuilding events which involves an invigorating and challenging experience designed to focus on workplace issues. These can be expanded into larger events which could include multi-yacht, multi-group events conducted over several days and with a range of objectives.

The operational functions of a yacht and the differences between individual yachts and their crews, combine to provide an excellent, uncontrived analogy of the workplace unrivalled in other team events.

Whatever your reasons for considering the use of the yachting environment and hosting a corporate hospitality sailing event, there are many ways to structure the day to achieve your desired outcome. Simply contact us to discuss your company’s requirements and we’ll put together a tailored quote.